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2016 New Zealand Nationals

By Todd Bender - December 29, 2016

While in New Zealand this year, the National Championships were held in Hamilton, an hour south of Auckland. Jack Stockdale, one of the nicest young men around, took a Todd Bender Performance clinic in Melbourne, Australia in December 2015. This year, in 2016, Jack broke his first 100x100, followed by another eight perfect century scores during the season. His year culminated in an outstanding performance and the Overall Championship title at the New Zealand Nationals.

On the way to the Overall Championship, Jack broke his first 100x100 in Doubles and was Event Champion in that. Another TBPS Client, Walter Cheng, USA, from California, won the coveted Handicap Championship, besting the field of top shooters.

All of the Overall High Gun Champions for the last six years of the New Zealand National Championships have at least one thing in common. They are all Todd Bender Performance Systems clients. We are very proud of this footnote and very proud of these shooters. Congratulations to all of you!

2016   Jack Stockdale AUS 
2015   Shane Quinn NZL 
2014   Matt Fallon NZL 
2013   Michael Buttigieg AUS 
2012   Nigel Hughes AUS 
2011   Todd Bender USA