Dimeric Training

Todd Bender and Mental Management Systems

We are proud to announce Todd Bender"s accreditation as a Certified Coach with Olympic Gold Medalist Lanny Bassham and Mental Management Systems. As one of the charter members of Mental Management"s Certified Coaching Program, Todd now has the capacity to teach the Mental Management System and it"s courses to his clients. 

Todd has worked side by side with Lanny Bassham for the past ten years in the popular BenderBassham Seminars. As the two leading authorities in their respective fields, they have worked together to create a program that blends the mental and technical sides of the shotgun sports, into one comprehensive program. As a part of Mental Management"s elite coaching staff, Todd Bender can now offer clients these specific courses, once only available from Mr. Bassham. 

Dimeric (n) chemistry: a structure composed of two similar sub-units, bonded into one. 

“Lanny Bassham has had a decided and marked impact on my performances as a competitive shooter and has significantly influenced my abilities and growth as a coach. I am proud to be associated with Mental Management System, and honored to be able to bring to my clients, Mr. Bassham"s world renowned program, that is being used by elite athletes in every sport."

-Todd Bender 

Bender and Bassham"s work together, has led to Todd"s creation of his “Dimeric Training Program". Nowhere else in the industry can you find a tried and tested World Championship Technical System that includes a tried and tested, globally recognized, World Class Mental Program. Our Dimeric Training program trains both the mental and technical components of the sport simultaneously, where both parts grow equally and therefore, exponentially faster, insuring more dependable and consistent winning performances. 



Why is mental training so important? Easily ninety-five percent of winning is done by five percent of the competitors. Why is that? Do these champions have better equipment than the average athlete? No. Good equipment is readily available to all participants. Do they have better information? No, in today"s age, there is a wealth of technical information available to anyone. Are they physically more capable? Not really. We all have, for the most part, the same human capabilities and limitations. So what"s the difference, why do a small percentage of the competitors dominate? 

Because they think differently. They expect to win, so they do. They control what they picture, and those thoughts drive them to consistent winning performances. Fortunately, now, mental consistency and confidence can be trained. 

Ask any athlete or competitive participant, especially in the clay target sports, “What percentage of this game is mental?"

You will get a variety of answers, but most would agree that the range is between eighty to ninety-five percent. So the average answer is ninety percent of our sport, clay target shooting, is mental. 

Given that, how much of your training do you devote to the mental game? The most common answer"¦ zero. People know that a majority of the game is mental, yet they spend no time training that aspect of their game. That"s shocking. But the reason is because competitors have no direction on how to train and nurture a successful and dependable mental system. 

Enter Todd Bender"s Dimeric Training Program. A two day course where Todd teaches and integrates Bassham"s Mental Management System, while at the same time using Todd"s world renowned technical system to lay a foundation for consistent, winning performances"¦. on demand. 

Course Curriculum 

Day One: 

Mental Management 101, Morning session

  • Mental Processes
  • Performance Principles
  • Principles of Mental Management
  • Three Phases of a Task
  • Performing under Pressure

On Field Application, Afternoon session 

Day Two: 

Mental Management 102, Morning session 

  • The Mental Management System
  • Keys to Consistency
  • Performance Analysis

On Field Application, Afternoon session 


2 Day Course, 4 shooters, $1250 per shooter (4 shooters required to schedule course)

3 Day Course, 3 shooters, $2300 per shooter (extra day of full shooting, targets included) 

Contact Todd Bender at toddbenderintl@gmail.com for more information and scheduling.