Todd Bender and Anthony Ballarino at the 2013 Australian Nationals

Taking A Clinic

One of the most important parts of taking a clinic that will pay off in the future is taking notes. Less than five percent of our clients take notes. During a full day clinic, you will be exposed to an awful lot of information, more than most shooters can retain in one day. Writing down and recoding key components of your game helps reinforce what you are trying to teach the conscious and subconscious part of the brain. Not only will note taking aid in your learning and retention, but will allow you to go back and review critical fundamentals in the future. Come prepared. If you are taking a clinic, it is an all day affair, bring what you may need. You will need some nutrition, bring food and water. Some clubs have no concessions for food. Bring notebooks, voice recorders, and or video recorders. Bring sunscreen. 

We strongly suggest that factory ammunition be used in our clinics. You are investing a lot of resources to attend a clinic with a professional coach. And half of your shots can"t be assessed because your shells are less than desirable. Poor reloads wastes your time, but also as you can imagine, it takes time from your fellow participants. Even though it is an added expense, to get the most out of your clinic, make sure that your equipment and ammunition are in order. 

Photo courtesy of Kieran Duncan, St. Andrews, Scotland

Plan on staying just as focused on others shooting as your own. Some clients will shoot their targets on a particular station, and then walk off the field, or go to the clubhouse until it is their turn again, while others get their instruction. It is not easy to stand on a field all day, but while other shooters are shooting, and when a student leaves the field, he misses a lot of information that may not be touched upon for the remainder of the day. Paying attention to other shooters, and seeing their mistakes as well as their successful execution, is a wonderful visual tool, and may help you identify and correct your own problems with more ease. It is interesting to note that normally during a clinic, at the end of a day, almost all of our students can identity shooters making fundamental mistakes as fast as the coach, because they have witnessed and become more sensitive to the mistakes and the subsequent corrections made by others over and over all day. Most importantly have fun! We love what we do, and helping shooters grow their game in a comfortable and enjoyable environment is our goal. 

Although to some this may be cost prohibitive, taking a multiple of sessions will increase the effectiveness of your time with a coach. When someone is with us for the first time, that initial day can be an information overload. Taking back-to-back days will allow for time not only to rest between sessions, but also to digest the information presented, and then come back and refine issues from the previous day. What you get back in multiple sessions will come back to you in an exponential rate.