Bender-Bassham Super Seminar

Todd Bender, 2015 U.S. Open Champion with good friend and 2015 U.S. Open Runner Up, Nick Marsden from England

We are excited to present a new concept in shooting instruction. The Bender-Bassham Super Seminar is an intensive experience to give you all the required tools to be a champion. 

Receive Mental Management"s full seminar from Olympic Gold Medalist Lanny Bassham. Then apply those skills daily on field with Lanny and Todd Bender, while at the same time, Bender fine-tunes your physical game. Imagine, Bassham and Bender side-by-side, working and integrating all the necessary mental and technical skills for you to realize your potential. This is the ultimate learning experience! 

We will begin each day at 9.00 AM. There will a break at noon each day for lunch. The afternoon session begins at 1.00 PM each day and will run until 5.00 PM. 

As a group during this seminar, you will receive Mental Management"s full two-day seminar at the Mental Management offices in Flower Mound, Texas. Each day at the Dallas Gun Club, the premier shooting facility in the nation, Todd Bender and Lanny Bassham will observe and work with you on your application , execution, and integration of your new mental and physical skills. 

Shooters can expect to shoot 6-8 boxes during the half-day sessions, and 10-15 during the full day. Targets will be provided for by Bender/Bassham. Ammunition, travel, lodging and food other than lunch each day is the responsibility of the shooter. 



Seminar Details

  • Work one-on-one with two of the most celebrated performers in the shooting sports. 
  • Discuss the Mental and Technical game at the highest levels. 
  • Limited to 5 shooters to ensure personal attention in the classroom and on the field. 
  • Dallas Gun Club and Mental Management Offices, all within 15 minutes of DFW Airport. Special hotel rates available. 
  • Cost: $3850 per shooter 
  • Contact Lanny Bassham at for information and reservations. 

Comments From Students

What I learned: 

“I can develop the mental skills to achieve my skeet shooting goals. I can replace the “black box" with a defined system unique for me and can be changed and adapted as needed." 

“I believe this was not just for skeet but life. I learned so much. To think positive, look forward and leave my behind thoughts to stay away. This course was the one thing I have ever received that could create a new life, healthy life and my most blessed life. Not only in skeet but real life." 

“I learned the value in being open and accepting of new ideas and approaches to not just skeet but larger life issues and problems. Skeet to me is certainly a goal or quest but also a metaphor for life." 

What did you think about the course? 

“The time invested and money spent were very worthwhile but also dependent upon my commitment to practice and implement this mental management system." 

“Was very well presented and entirely understandable. The structure was excellent." 

“I improved many fold in my shooting habits and abilities. My personal insight of my capabilities has changed significantly. I am far more prepared to deal with issues encountered during training, practice and competition. Bender Rules." 

“The course was great. The combination of mechanics and mental is what we need to be successful."