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Todd Bender"s teaching methods have taken him around the world and created a number of like World Champions.


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As a company, Todd Bender Performance Systems has always been inspired by a love for shooting, a passion for competing and for helping shooters perform better. Since designing our first courses 30 years ago, we"ve been committed to and take great pride in offering the best shotgun coaching possible. It is the foundation of our brand.

That"s why our website is packed with fundamentals, advice and solutions for your individual game and the clay target sports. Whether you desire to compete at the top championship levels, or simply want to enjoy the clay target sports even more than you do now, we want to be an essential part of your journey.


Station-By-Station Analysis

This is a compilation of selected paragraphs in a condensed version of the Station-by-Station Analysis that will be available in Todd Bender"s soon to be published book on Skeet Shooting. Also refer to our DVD, “Championship Skeet". Learn More

Skeet Shooting Fundamentals

Shooters who have worked with me are well versed on my mantra, “head on the gun, eye on the target." This is because all shotgun shooting, be it American Skeet, Trap, Sporting Clays, and even field shooting, requires the three fundamentals, head on the gun, eye on the target, and proper lead, to be successful. Learn More

Taking A Clinic

One of the most important parts of taking a clinic that will pay off in the future is taking notes. Less than five percent of our clients take notes. During a full day clinic, you will be exposed to an awful lot of information, more than most shooters can retain in one day. Learn More

Clinic Information

Whether you desire to compete at the top championship levels or simply enjoy the clay target sports even more than you do now, Todd Bender can help you attain your goals. Todd specializes in shotgun pointing fundamentals as they apply to all aspects of the clay target sports and wing shooting. Learn More

Dimeric Training

We are proud to announce Todd Bender"s accreditation as a Certified Coach with Olympic Gold Medalist Lanny Bassham and Mental Management Systems. Learn More

Navy SEAL Foundation

In 2012, Todd Bender started the Hundred for a Hundred Challenge, pledging to donate $100 for every perfect 100 straight that he shot in competition to the Navy SEAL Foundation. Learn More

“Anyone looking for a high quality instruction from a natural, no nonsense teacher, could do no better then taking clinic from Bender. He treated us (as) equals, not looking down on us, but working with us, to make us better."

-Jack Tourtillotte