Coaching Olympic Gold Medalist Mark Spitz


The following dates are scheduled for 2018. Most clinics are scheduled for one day sessions, of the dates indicated. You must contact the Local Organizer for available dates and to register for a specific day. They can assist you with any questions about the local club(s) and other information. Most questions about the sessions can be found on the Clinic Information Page on this site. To organize a clinic in your area, or for other dates that may be available for private work with Todd, contact him.


2018 Dates

Dates Location Organizer Contact
January 11-14 BenderBassham I, Dallas, Texas Heather Bassham heather@mentalmanagemeChat Now
January 19-20 Schreiner University, Kerrville, Texas Bob Davis CLOSED
January 23-25 Las Vegas, Nevada Anthony Alaimo
February 7-9 Georgia Chamber of Commerce Quail Hunt Todd Bender CLOSED
February 11-14 BenderBassham II, Dallas, Texas Heather Bassham heather@mentalmanagemeChat Now
February 16-18 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Paula Tate
February 22-25 Corpus Christi, Texas Todd Bender
March 1-2 Pine Belt, New Jersey Todd Bender
March 9-13 Brisbane, Australia Glenn Walker
March 15-18 Melbourne, Australia Michael Buttigeig
March 23-26 Thunderstik, South Dakota Todd Bender
March 28-1 Northbrook, Illinois Todd Bender
April 3-5 Fairfax, Virginia Tom Williams
April 6-8 Loch Raven, Maryland Alessandro Vitale
April 12-15 Hartford, Connecticut Boz Coffin
April 17 Boston, Massachusetts Michael Estepp
April 24-25 Long Island, New York Shawn Sheridan
May 4-6 Kansas City, Kansas Brad Goodart
May 11-13 San Antonio, Texas Greg Massari
May 17-19 New Orleans Saints Charity, Louisiana Todd Bender CLOSED
May 29-30 Houston, Texas Todd Bender
June 4-5 Dallas, Texas Sherri Suggs
June 26-27 Redlands, California Chris Baker
July 9-10 Little Rock, Arkansas Hal Mathhews
July 13-15 Bend, Oregon Steve Neigh
July 17 Stockton, California Todd Bender
July 25-29 Northbrook, Illinois Todd Bender
August 9-13 All-Star Break Hawaii '18 Todd Bender
August 25-26 Virginia Beach, Virginia Dirk Proffer
September 3-4 Houston, Texas Todd Bender
September 13-16 Hartford, Connecticut Boz Coffin
October 11-14 Fairfax, Virginia Tom Williams
October 16-18 Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Margaret Oehler
October 22-24 Long Island, New York Shawn Sheridan
October 26-29 Northbrook, Illinois Todd Bender
November 8-9 Newcastle, Australia Rod Nicholson
November 12-15 Auckland, New Zealand Ray Chicott
November 17-19  New Zealand NSSA Nationals Ray Chicott
November 28-29 Marlborough, New Zealand Ray Chicott
December 1-2 Palmerston North, New Zealand Ray Chicott
December 4-5 Christchurch. New Zealand Ray Chicott
December 8-12 Invercargill, New Zealand Ray Chicott
December 14-17 Adelaide, Australia Tore Pipecella
December 19-20 Sydney, Australia Todd Bender