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2014 Clinic Schedule

The following dates are scheduled for 2014. Most clinics are scheduled for three to four days of the week indicated. Contact Local Organizer for exact dates and to register for a specific day. They can assist you with any questions about the local club(s) and will have information as to the availability of openings for a specific date. To organize a clinic in your area, or for other dates that are available for private work with Todd Bender, contact Todd at 678.296.5184 or at



Coaching Olympic Gold Medalist Mark Spitz


Week of
Location Organizer Contact
Jan 14 Los Angeles, CA Todd Bender CLOSED
Jan 15 Redlands, CA Chris Baker
Jan 21-22 Dallas, TX Sherri Suggs
Jan 23-26 Bender/Bassham Todd Bender
Feb 5 Georgia Quail Hunt Todd Bender CLOSED
Feb 7-13 Norfolk, VA Dirk Proffer
Feb 14 Navy SEAL Challenge
Todd Bender CLOSED
Feb 20 San Antonio, TX Todd Bender
Feb 21-23 Corpus Christi, TX Todd Bender
Feb 24-26 Spring Immersion 1 Todd Bender
Feb 27-1 Spring Immersion 2 Todd Bender
Mar 6-9 Northampton, England Martyn Maxwell
Mar 13 Belfast, Ireland James McKeown
Mar 14-15 Edinburgh, Scotland Ron Maxwell
Mar 21-23 Cincinnati, OH Mike Rahe
Mar 25-30 Northbrook, IL Marla Cardenas
Apr 2-4 Phoenix, AZ Pat Kearney
Apr 11-13 Kansas City, KS
Brad Goodart
Apr 15-19 Manassas, VA Tom Wycoff
Apr 24-27 Hartford, CT Boz Coffin
May 10-11 San Antonio, TX
Marla Cardenas
May 12-15 Armed Forces Championships
Todd Bender CLOSED
May 16-17 Stan Brock's NO Saints Charity
Todd Bender CLOSED
May 27-28 Houston, TX Todd Bender
Jun 2-4 Dallas, TX Sherri Suggs
Jun 9-10 Stockton, CA Dan Lewis
Jun 11 Los Angeles, CA Todd Bender
Jun 17-18 Dayton, OH T.I. Weintraub
Jun 27-29 Eugene, OR Steve Neigh
Jul 3 SEAL/UDT Reunion Shoot Todd Bender CLOSED
Jul 24-27 Northbrook, IL M. Cardenas
Aug 6-12 Norfolk, VA Dirk Proffer
Aug 14-17 Bender/Bassham Todd Bender
Aug 25-29 Dallas, TX Sherri Suggs
Aug 29-31 Fall Immersion Todd Bender
Sep 15 Houston, TX Todd Bender
Sep 17-21 Hartford, CT Boz Coffin
TBA Matt Light's NE Patriots Charity Todd Bender CLOSED
TBA Long Island, NY Kevin Collins
TBA Bethlehem, PA Todd Bender
TBA Northbrook, IL Marla Cardenas
TBA Manassas, VA Tom Wyckoff
TBA New Zealand Nationals
Ray Chilcott
TBA Christchurch New Zealand
Ray Chilcott
TBA Palmerston New Zealand
Ray Chilcott
TBA Auckland New Zealand
Ray Chilcott
TBA Melbourne Australia
Glenn Walker
TBA Brisbane Australia
Glenn Walker
TBA Sydney Australia
Glenn Walker